Teamwork = success

PDAC’s convention typically draws over 1000 exhibitors, 23,000 attendees, from over 100 countries. Think about that for just one second. No one person is capable of handling that kind of traffic, even if only 50% of attendees make their way over to the northern showcase pavilion. The showcase team works together to plan and coordinate before, during, and after the event ensuring its success and continued growth year over year.

The Project Team

James Franks

Economic Development Officer
City of Temiskaming Shores

Denise Hardy

Indigenous Relations Advisor Ontario Power Generation

Marla Tremblay

Event Coordinator
Markey Consulting

Isabelle Denault

Economic Development Officer
Town of Cochrane

Denise Deschamps

Initiatives Officer
FedNor Canada

Sylvie Fontaine

Director General
Hearst EDC

Scott Rennie

Project Manager
Northern Ontario Exports Program